Zeppelin and Garrison Museum Tønder

The museum is open on Saturdays and Sundays between 10 pm and 3 pm from May until October.

The Zeppelin base in Tønder

The Zeppelin base in Tønder

The Germans need for airships grew fast in the first months of the war, and already in September 1914 it was suggested to build an airship base in Tønder. The first 2 sheds where finished in March 1915. Their dimensions were 540 feet long, 95 feet high and 120 feet wide.

On the March 23 1915 the first airship, Parceval PL 25, arrived in Tønder. This non-rigid airship was based in Tønder for 8 months.

The first Zeppelin airship at the base was L 7. It arrived on Aril 25, 1915.

The base consisted of the following facilities:

  • The airship sheds “Tobias” and “Toni”.
  • The airship double shed “Toska”.
  • Hangar for 5 Albatros D III airdefence fighters.
  • Anchorage where an airship could be parked temporarily.
  • Railroad used both for tranportation at the base and with connection to main line between Tønder and Tinglev.
  • Radiostation for wireless telegraph communication with the airships.
  • Radio beacon for navigation aid to the airships.
  • Searchlight on rails.
  • Beacon light placed on the northwestern end of the “Tobias” shed.
  • Underground petrol tanks:
    Two tanks with a 10.000 liters capacity each placed at the “Tobias” and “Toni” sheds.
    One tank with a 30.000 liter capacity placed at the “Toska” shed.
  • Gasworks and hydrogen storage tanks.
  • 2 maintenance shops.
  • Weather service.
  • Heating central
  • Waterworks
  • Baraks for about 600 soldiers.