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Bedford RLE

Beford RLE 38.399 (at right) together with some of the museum's other vehicles.

Length 247 inches
Width 95 inches
Height 130 inches
Weight 17,655 lb
Engine 6-cylinder 330 cubic inches displacement diesel-engine, liquid cooled
Transmission 4-speed.
Horsepower 99 hp at 2600 rpm.
Fuel capacity
Range 250 miles


Development of the Bedford R serien started in 1950. The vehicle went into production for the British Army in 1952. The Danish Army recieved Bedfords in 1956. The Danish Army accqired 375 additional vehicles from 1963 until 1967. The total production from 1952 to 1969 amounted to more than 73.000 units.

Bedford RLE was used as command vehicle by the 2nd. Telegraph Battalion in Tønder.

The Bedfords has been donated to the Museum by the Telegraph Regiment in Fredericia.